Is your singing voice too nasal? Here’s how to tell in 5 seconds.

Sometimes people get confused about the difference between nasal resonance and singing with a nasal tone.

You DO want some nasal resonance.  Your sinuses are some of your vocal resonators.  But you DON’T want to sound like you’re singing through your nose.

Here’s a very quick tip to tell if you’re singing through your nose:  

Hold your nose closed with your fingers, and then sing.

If you sound mostly the same (except for consonants D, N, and M), then you are fine.

If you sound radically different, then you are singing through your nose rather than using nasal resonance.  Figure out how to sing more through your mouth so that you don’t sound so weird.  It has never required more explanation than that, for my students who have tried it.

Very simple tip this week, but also very effective!