The Nail Every Note
Vocalist Scholarship

The Nail Every Note Vocalist Scholarship

Hi there! My name is Adrienne Osborn. I’m a voice coach in Denver, and I have a vocal training studio with several teachers and with locations in Denver and Lafayette, Colorado.

This scholarship started when I was inspired to give some free voice lessons to a young student overflowing with potential, talent, and energy, but no ability to pay for lessons. Working with her was so much fun that I decided to create an annual vocal scholarship.

The 2016 scholarship application period runs through the end of August. Scroll to the very bottom to see how to apply.

About the Scholarship

The scholarship is a huge package of vocalist resources that goes to one deserving singer every year – someone who displays talent, potential, drive, and aptitude, and who could benefit from a package of resources to help them grow into their potential.

The scholarship is anchored by a year of free one-on-one voice lessons with me. This is worth about $2000 on its own, and represents a large investment of my personal time.  Don’t worry if you don’t live in Colorado – we can do lessons on Skype just fine.

The scholarship is named after my flagship vocal training program, Nail Every Note, which is also included as part of the scholarship.  It includes over 120 video lessons and over 200 tips and tricks across 15 hours of video.  You can learn more about Nail Every Note here.

Between 24/7 access to the Nail Every Note program and regular private lessons with me, the scholarship winner will also receive resources from several other sponsors to help with your entire music career.  Check them out below…

The scholarship includes…

A year of private voice lessons with Adrienne Osborn

Adrienne is the owner and lead instructor of Performance High Vocal Training Studios, and the creator of the instructional video series Nail Every Note and the DVD set Zen of the Stage. She teaches voice and performance skills to clients in Colorado and around the world via Skype, including American Idol finalists and various professional musicians. She has been certified as a Live Music Method teacher by Tom Jackson Productions / Onstage Success in Nashville.

Adrienne is the lead vocalist – and previously the bassist – for her band Adrienne O and has played bass and keys for various bands. She has released four EPs and two full-length albums, and has performed live in the US and England, with Denver area venues including Coors Field, Hard Rock Cafe, Gothic Theatre, Bluebird Theatre, Ameristar and Isle Casinos and the Hi-Dive, among many others. 

2 hours per month of voice lessons (either two one-hour lessons or four half-hour lessons per month)

Value: $3,120.00 

10 Hours of Artist Development or Career Planning

With Justin Leighton Long, Producer and Consultant

Justin Leighton Long is a musician, engineer and record producer who has worked in various styles including blues, country, rock, rap and pop. Justin was a founding member, lead guitarist and songwriter for the band No Address. No Address released Time Doesn’t Notice on Atlantic Records, with their debut single “Sadie (When I’m Gone)” standing at #11 on the Billboard Radio charts for 22 weeks. No Address toured North America extensively and Justin’s compositions have been featured in feature films and television series, as well as continuing to maintain airplay around the world, (as a fun fact) recently reaching #1 on the college radio charts in Bosnia.

As a recording engineer and producer Justin has worked for bands signed to labels including Atlantic, Elektra, Immortal, Wind Up, Curb, Blind Bat, S-Curve, Victory, Blues Legacy and J Records.

Justin is the Artist Development consultant at Performance High Vocal Training and Artist Development.

Value: $750.00

Full Mix of One Song at The Keep Studios

The Keep is a recording studio located in Denver’s Antique Row/Green Mile area of S. Broadway. Run by Producer/Engineers Jeff Kanan and Nick Sullivan, The Keep provides a professional comfortable recording environment built and designed to benefit any recording artist from large budgets to small. From the comfort-minded, modern designed tracking and control rooms to gear from API, Manley, Neotek, Quad 8, Emperical labs, Royer, and Alan Smart, The Keep secures a competitive recording product and memorable experience.

Jeff Kanan
While in Los Angeles, Jeff worked at the legendary Westlake Audio and became a senior staff engineer. With over fifteen years in the recording industry, Jeff has engineered and collaborated with some of the world’s top artists and producers of today including No Doubt, Madonna, Kelly Clarkson, Tim Palmer, Don Was, Randy Jackson and many others.

Nick Sullivan
In 2009, Nick began producing bands and recording artists including four songs from The Swayback’s “Double Four Time” which was awarded best recording of 2012 by The Westword. In 2013 Nick started The Keep with Producer/Engineer Jeff Kanan to serve as a vehicle for producing local talent as well as to record his own music projects. 

The Keep
Value: $600.00

Song must be submitted for mixing by Dec 31, 2017

Performance Package from Tom Jackson Productions

Author of the book Tom Jackson’s Live Music Method and the All Roads Lead to the Stage DVD series, Tom Jackson is uniquely talented and skilled at transforming an artist’s live show into a magical experience for the audience; helping artists at every level to create a live show that is engaging and memorable and teaching them to exceed their audiences’ expectations and to create fans for life.  

This package includes the comprehensive “All Roads Lead to the Stage” DVDs and the Live Music Method book (both digital downloads).  

The All Roads Lead to the Stage DVDs are the most complete presentation of the Tom Jackson Method. You’ll learn how to revolutionize your concert into an unforgettable experience for your audiences—and all without “choreography” or canned onstage movements. Most beginner artists mistakenly believe that they need only to scribble a set list and sing the songs to satisfy an audience. Whether you’ve done a thousand live gigs or you’re just starting out, this workshop will never let you take the stage without complete confidence again!

The Live Music Method book is the first book to approach your music career entirely from a live show perspective.  You’ll learn:

  • What a rarified few stars understand
  • Skills that separate one artist from another
  • How to hold your audience in the palm of your hand
  • How to craft a memorable, compelling show
  • Where most artists really make their money
  • 5 Streams of Revenue from your show that help establish your career in music
  • How you can connect with organizations willing to pay you when you play live

The package includes:
All Roads Lead to the Stage book (e-version)
All Roads 7-DVD set (download)

Value:  $378.00

Nail Every Note: Your Voice. Better.

Over 15 hours of video lessons for pop/rock singers. Over 120 video lessons, over 35 exercises, over 200 tips and tricks, hours of real student lessons, over 150 exercise backing tracks, and a 35-page eBook containing solutions for the 37 most common vocal technique issues.

Value: $485.00

Music Marketing Manifesto 3.0

Advanced strategies, secrets, tactics and tips for selling your music online, from music marketing guru John Oszajca.

Value: $147.00

Registration to the Durango Songwriters’ Expo

The DSE is the insiders’ songwriting conference, where the industry-to-attendee ratio is so high that it’s easy to rub shoulders all weekend with A&R reps, publishers, and music supervisors.  This is where Meghan Trainor and many other artists got discovered.  Attend either the February conference in Santa Ynez, CA or the October conference in Denver metro, CO for free.  (Travel and lodging not included.)

Value: $324.00

Website Review from Leanne Regalla of Make Creativity Pay

Leanne Regalla is a songwriter and 15-year music teaching veteran who helps artists be the best the best players and performers they can be. She’s also a blogger, podcaster, and coach at Make Creativity Pay where she helps creative types to make more money doing what they love without going broke, living in their cars, or starving to death.  From Leanne, the winner will receive:
– Free download of “The Rebel Artist’s Manifesto:
Having the Audacity to Make Good Money from Your Creative Work”
– 45-minute Website Review Session
– 45-minute About Page Review and Rewrite.

Value: $395.00

2 Hours of Personal Music Business Consulting
with Katey Laurel

Katey Laurel has ten years of DIY Music Business experience including three studio record releases, airplay on Triple A, AC, Folk and EuroAmericana Radio, music licensed to film, TV and advertising, and several successful crowd-funding campaigns.  She has taken a number of online courses including Cari Cole’s artist development courses, Sarah Gavigan’s Music Licensing Courses, Berklee Online “Music Business” and “Songwriting”, Chris Rockett’s “Music Marketing Classroom” and has attended several music business conferences each year for the past six years. While Katey has a degree in classical music performance from Huntington University rather than a music business degree, she is self-taught, having read most of the industry-standard books on music business and has extensive “trial by error” experience in running her own publishing companies, record label, music-licensing company and artist-based business as a performing artist. Her goal is to save you the time it took her to learn all of the information that she has to share with developing artists and help you to work smart.

Value: $150.00

Zen of the Stage: Performing in the Zone 2-DVD set

Find your peak performance on stage. A six-week workshop condensed into six hour-long lessons.

Value: $129.00

Sing & See Software

Software from Cantovation that shows what your voice is doing while you sing. Sam Columna, the 2016 scholarship winner, says, “Sing and See has been an incredible asset in my growth as a singer over the last year. The ability to see what I was singing revealed a terrifying truth that I had no idea about: I was consistently singing flat. After working consistently work with Sing and See, I’m now confident that I’m singing the right pitch, because I’m able to see the improvement on a day to day basis. It’s an incredibly simple concept, but it’s made a huge difference for me.”

Value: $49.00


Total Scholarship Value:
Over $6,300.00

How to Apply

The 2016 application period ended on August 31.  If you want to be notified when the 2017 scholarship application period opens, enter your email address below.  Be sure to check your inbox for the confirmation email.  

I won’t spam you – I send maybe two emails per year to this list.