Learn How to
Nail Every Note You Sing

Imagine standing on stage and hearing a scream arise from the throats of your fans because they can't believe the high note you just nailed.


Or knowing that your next song is going to send chills down their spine.


Or imagine your voice feeling stronger day by day on tour, even though you're singing a long rock set night after night.


Or visualize that quiet confidence that the people in the coffeeshop are going to drop their conversations, turn around, and listen when you start playing.


You CAN experience these things.


But right now, you might walk on stage wondering if your voice is going to work right for you each night.  You might avoid performing at all because you’re too embarrassed about your voice.  You might be afraid of people whispering in the back of the room, criticizing your singing.  Maybe you’ve been recording and you can’t stand the sound of your voice.  And you might be worried that when your big opportunity comes, your voice still won’t be ready... and that opportunity will pass you by.


Or maybe you’ve even met your friends after getting off stage, and watched them awkwardly struggle to find a way to compliment you.  Ouch.


I know what all of this feels like.


All of it.  I've been through ALL of it.


So I am excited and grateful that you’re here.  You’re in the right place.  You have found the ultimate solution for learning to sing quickly, efficiently, and very affordably.  I built this for you.


If you join me in Nail Every Note, you will see an incredible transformation in your voice.  I have seen it over and over in my students.


And I want this for you, because it makes me so happy to see people find their amazing ideal expression.  It thrills me to see my students' performances move people.


I want you to LOVE your voice.


What I DON’T want is for another year to go by and for you to be even more frustrated and still struggling to make sense of your voice.  I don’t want another year to go by where you lose your voice during a hard 45-minute or a 4-hour set.  And I certainly don’t want you to waste a year and thousands of dollars with a private voice teacher (like I did once!) and be no better a singer a year later.


So how much is it worth it to you to have all the information you need to build a great voice, all in one place, organized, easily accessible, forever?

I want that.
Me and my band @ Gothic Theatre 2015. Photo: Scott Brayshaw

Photo: Scott Brayshaw

Photo: Scott Brayshaw

I’m Adrienne Osborn, a musician, vocalist, and voice coach, and the creator of Nail Every Note.


When I was learning to sing, private, classical voice lessons didn't seem to be teaching what I wanted.  Rock lessons seemed lacking in technique.  And with every at-home or online singing program, I had to spend hours wading through exercises I didn't need.


I wished I could find a program customized to my needs.  That would grow with my voice.  That would help me understand how my voice worked.  But I couldn't find one.


So I took lessons from lots of different voice coaches.  I bought just about every vocal training product on the market.  I read classic vocal pedagogy books. I even experimented on myself - I would spend a couple of hours working on how to produce a single note in different ways.


Later I started teaching.  By now, I have now taught thousands of students both locally and internationally.


And I created the product I wished I could find when I was learning to sing.


I hope this program helps you achieve your singing goals much faster than I achieved mine!


Adrienne Osborn, creator of Nail Every Note

Adrienne Osborn

Vocalist, musician, vocal instructor
and creator of Nail Every Note

* Please note, Nail Every Note is a DIGITAL product.  The image above represents some of the content you will be able to stream and download.

Nail Every Note: Your Voice. Better.

Nail Every Note is a HUGE at-home, video-based vocal training product with:


  • 120+ video lessons
  • 35+ exercises
  • 200+ tips and tricks
  • 150+ exercise backing tracks
  • Hours of real student lessons, and
  • A 35-page eBook containing solutions for the 39 most common vocal technique issues.


If this program were a book, you could use it as a weapon.  It’s that big.


But don’t let that scare you.  The e-book will tell you exactly where to start to get the most out of every minute you spend working on your voice.  No need to wade through everything all at once!

What does Nail Every Note include?

This is an enormous program.  Here's some of what it contains...

Hours and Hours of Video Lessons

13 chapters of well-organized, well-explained voice lessons - over 70 specific videos jam-packed with over 200 techniques for everything from chest voice to head voice to mixing and belting.  Even flipping over the break and intentionally singing with breathy texture, if you want to!

Downloadable eBook Reference

A downloadable eBook in PDF format with solutions to the 37 most common vocal technique issues, as well as vowel and consonant charts and information on how to create your own exercises.


This book is your guide to saving hours of valuable time.  No one has the time to actually go through 15 hours of video, right?  Let us help guide you to exactly the exercises and techniques YOU need now.

Targeted and Effective Exercises

The best, most effective vocal exercises - carefully explained and demonstrated - to help you bridge your break, sing higher and lower notes, improve your tone, increase your volume, increase your resonance, add power, and perfect your riffs and runs.

Hours of Real Student Lessons

Several hours of video of actual student lessons, so you can learn from the struggles – and successes – of real singers just like you.

Exercise Backing Tracks

Over 150 exercise backing tracks in male and female ranges and in varied tempos and patterns, produced with full-band instrumentation.

And you also get...

  • Downloadable Video Lessons

    All videos can be either streamed or downloaded.  Take lessons into your rehearsal space, practice room, or car.  You don’t need to have internet access where you practice!

  • Downloadable Audio

    Download the audio versions of all video lessons, exercises, and backing tracks so you can take them with you while you drive, walk, or bike.

  • Sample Exercise Routines

    Different singers need different exercise the same way different athletes need different workouts.  View sample routines for both light and power singers, so you don’t have to make up your own from scratch.

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How is Nail Every Note DIFFERENT?

There are a few online vocal training courses on the market.  Any decent one should teach you how to sing higher, louder, longer, with better tone, and with better pitch.


And yes, we have that all covered.


But Nail Every Note is DIFFERENT from all other vocal training programs.  Here’s how:

  • Time-Saving Solutions to YOUR Vocal Challenges

    Sure, an enormous program sounds great in theory… but in reality, who has the time?  This is the ONLY at-home vocal training program that directs you toward the lessons YOU need to work with first.  This way you won’t get overwhelmed, and you’ll see improvement as quickly as possible.  No need to watch hours of video just to learn that it’s too novice or too advanced for you.

  • Learn to Understand Your Voice

    No need to waste hours practicing a standard set of exercises with blind faith that they will someday magically make you a great singer.  You’ll learn which exercises are good for developing which skills, and why.

  • "Build Your Own" Videos

    Learn how different syllables, patterns, and vocal approaches develop and challenge your voice, so that you can build your own exercises to keep practice fresh and relevant.

  • Learn to Teach Yourself

    Nail Every Note teaches you not just to sing, but to teach yourself to sing.  I want you to learn to solve your own vocal issues.

  • Real-World Experience

    I’m an active musician performing in clubs and concert venues – not a teacher confined to a rehearsal room.  I do know what it’s like to sing on a big stage, in front of a loud band, for four hours, multiple times a week.

Still want to know more?

With Nail Every Note, you will learn...

  • How to sing with more power
  • How to sing high notes easily
  • How to improve your tone... instantly
  • How to sing lower... and get more presence and power out of your very lowest notes
  • How to sing longer phrases
  • How to improve tone across your entire range
  • How to eliminate the break in your voice
  • How to change your tone to be darker, lighter, rounder, brighter
  • How to belt easily
  • How to sing louder and project more
  • How to perfect your riffs, runs, and embellishments
  • How to improve your pitch
  • ...and much more!
Enough. I want to order now.

What other vocalists are saying...

"This is an amazing product and I am so happy I have joined the family!"

"As a professional rock singer, I have spent hundreds of hours trying to sing hard and high with fullness while not damaging my voice.  Although the thousands of dollars I have spent on classical training along with other 'at home' tutorials helped open up my vocal range, I never felt I had a lot of power behind the super high notes.


"Through the training with Nail Every Note, Adrienne helped me find amazing ways to look at singing and note placement that I had never heard before.  Apparently she can teach this old dog new tricks!


"The format of the website is super user-friendly and allows me to focus my training on topics that I want to work on at that time, without having to wade through hours of "DO-RE-ME" and scales that don't apply.  Also, the ability to have PERSONAL instruction a few times a month is something that I haven't seen before.  The instructor interaction definitely helps keep you in check so you aren't wasting your time and potentially damaging your voice.


"This is an amazing product and I am so happy I have joined the family!"


- Jacob Warner, lead vocalist of Princess

"Power with much less strain!"

"I am a long time musician who switched from being a drummer and keyboardist to being a full time lead singer around 3 years ago.


"During the last three years, I have been singing very challenging and difficult songs, such as heavy metal and very high pitched, powerful tunes. I have been singing these songs for about 4 hours every Friday, Saturday and Sunday almost every weekend, with not much vocal rest between performances. This type of singing can really damage your vocal cords if you don’t use proper technique, as I found out earlier this year when my high-end tones were getting very scratchy and airy. It became harder and harder to hit the range that I was accustomed to.


"With instruction from Adrienne, I have learned how to use my voice to achieve lots of different tones and levels of power with much less strain, and I am again finding access to the highest notes that I had started to lose."


- Sonya Surrett, lead vocalist of Zeppephilia, Dreamboat Annie, and various rock cover bands

"With each lesson we see further, measurable improvements..."

"We searched Denver for nearly one year and interviewed multiple vocal coaches before starting private vocal instruction with Adrienne.  Adrienne improved Abbey's vocal range and stage confidence in her first few lessons and with each lesson we see further, measurable improvements.


"Abbey uses Nail Every Note as a supplement to her weekly lessons with Adrienne and also in place of a lesson when needed due to gig or personal schedule conflict.  Nail Every Note also helps Abbey focus on a specific skill prior to a live performance or audition.  The on-line lessons are organized so that it is easy to search for and address very specific issues.


"I have personally seen this series of videos directly improve Abbey's performances.  With vocal instruction at $70.00 plus per hour, the price of the videos to use on an as needed basis it is a very good value."


- Kevin Shaw
Father of Abbey Shaw, 13-year-old lead singer of OUR GENERATION

"Beyond Pro!"


"Adrienne Osborn is beyond pro. She's a singers' singer. From shaping vowels to proper breathing techniques she knows what she's doing and she can pull the best out of ANY aspiring vocalist. I only send my people to THE BEST."


- Christopher Thomas, vocalist and talent buyer

"Gave me the courage to take my singing to the next level..."

"My mind was the mountain before me. Adrienne's clear and concise video lessons gave me the courage to take my singing to the next level. From beginner to advanced, a weekend karaoke warrior to the most seasoned live player can take advantage of the helpful exercises and tips to take their performance to the next level."


- Ryan Miller

Honestly, I didn't think this was possible.

An online vocal training product, I mean.


I thought voice lessons were too personal to be bundled into an effective product.  I've taught over a thousand students over the years, and every single lesson I teach is customized to the voice, the student, and their goals.  Some people need to work on one thing first, others need to work on something different.  Occasionally I teach two people exactly the opposite!


But finally, I realized how to create a product that was customized.  Not a program where every person starts at point A and ends at point B, wasting time covering less important topics first.  A program that helps guide you toward what you need first.


So that's what I built.  It took a long time, but this product contains more information than most voice students get from any voice teacher - including me - in two years of weekly private lessons.


In most major markets, voice lessons cost $60-125 per hour.  So if you want weekly private voice lessons, you can expect to spend upwards of $3,000-$6,000 in a single year!


With Nail Every Note, you can see everything you're going to get, right up front.  And you can review it over and over again, forever.


I would have jumped at the chance if something like this existed when I started singing!


Show FAQs +

I sing jazz (or classical, country, metal, bluegrass, pop, folk, or musical theatre).  Is this product right for me?


If you sing in any popular genre, this product will help.


There are three types of singers this product is NOT for:  Opera singers, metal screamers, and any vocalist with a bona fide vocal injury.  I recommend working privately with a specialist (a classical teacher, a screamo specialist such as my teacher Tyler Hall, or a vocal therapist) if you fall into one of these categories.


Otherwise, yes, this product will help you with your style of singing.


How much work/time is involved?


This is a question I often get from new students, and it’s hard to answer because it’s different for everyone.  It depends on where you’re starting from, how self-aware you are, how in tune with your body you are, and how much you practice.


But to give you a range, people who practice for 30-60 minutes a few times per week typically see a difference in anywhere from a couple days to several weeks.


Regardless of who you are and how much time you have to put toward it, this program is the most efficient way to go about it because you can click directly to the videos YOU need to watch.


What if I don’t like the product?


I think you will, but just let me know within 30 days if you don’t, and I’ll refund your money in full.


Do I get any personal coaching or feedback?


Not as part of the limited time offer, but I do offer a video lesson program just $29 per video.  You record yourself singing and I’ll record a video lesson back just for you.  You are also welcome to schedule a Skype lesson with me.


How do I know this is legitimate?


I’m a real person with a two-location vocal studio in Denver, CO and Lafayette, CO, and you can find me all over the internet.  You can find my studio, Performance High, on Facebook or at our website.  You can find my band at our website, on Facebook, and on Youtube, among other places.  I have also created the Zen of the Stage DVDs and a YouTube channel with free vocal tips.  And I have yet another YouTube channel here with over 100,000 views.


So, yep, I’m a real person, and I’m legitimate.  And so is everything I do as a musician and teacher.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

It's simple.  I want you to feel like you are getting a LOT more than you paid for.


If you buy Nail Every Note but decide it's not for you, just let me know within a month and I'll refund 100% of your money.  No hassle.


I believe I've created something you'll love and will think it's worth the price many times over.


So why not try it out and see what people are raving about?


Ready to learn how to nail every note you sing?


  • 70+ video voice lessons
  • All 35+ video voice exercises
  • All 150+ exercise backing tracks
  • 35-page eBook with solutions to 37 common technique issues
  • Light and heavy vocal exercise routines
  • Download any video lesson
  • Download audio version of all video
  • Lifetime access to all content
  • Free half-hour online voice lesson with Adrienne

Without Voice Lesson

  • $247

With Voice Lesson

  • $247

P.S.  I want you to experience those amazing moments on stage that most people only dream of.  I want you to love your voice and have the confidence that other people love it too.  Don't wait any longer to start your journey!